AMG1O- Music

COURSE Description

Course Title: Guitar
Course Code: AMG1O
Grade: 9
Course Type: Open
Credit Value: 1.0
Prerequisite: None
Curriculum Policy Document: The Arts, The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9 and 10, 2010
Department: Arts
Course Developer: Kydan Educational Services
Development Date: 2016-2017


Course Description: This beginner course emphasizes guitar technique and sight-reading music in standard notation. No previous experience is necessary. Students’ develop musical literacy through exploration and imagination is facilitated with technology. The creation and performance of music, both independently and collaboratively, is emphasized. Student use the critical analysis process in composition, performance and a range of reflective and analytic activities to ensures student success when; understanding of the elements of music, utilizing safe practices related to music, developing a variety of transferable skills to their life and careers.