Courses at Kanata Academy Onlinel are designed to meet the needs of students requiring a flexible study schedule, and who have distinctive demands in everyday life. Students are able to select the time of day, as well as which days during the week or weekend that they will work on their courses.

Kanata Academy Online primary objective is student achievement of the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum requirements. In keeping with this objective, the concept of missed or late assignments is nonexistent. Students are expected to log into their course and submit assignments on a regular basis; however, students are given timelines in each of their courses for the sole purpose of providing a guideline for achieving their course credit in a three month time-frame. Students may establish their own schedules for regularly submitting assignments and extend the duration of their course(s) at any time they deem necessary (additional tuition fees may apply). All Kanata Academy Online courses must be completed within a maximum of one year. This limit preserves the integrity of the academic assessment and evaluation policies as provided by the Ministry of Education.

Kanata Academy Online does not accept course assignments via Canada Post, courier or other forms of “snail” mail. Students must complete all assignments electronically. In Math and science courses, it can sometimes be difficult for students to express ideas using word processing technologies. If students feel they need to submit a handwritten assignment, the assignment should be scanned and uploaded directly to shared folder with the applicable teacher. There are technologies like Bamboo and Wacom Tablets that are not mandatory, but students may find extremely useful for Math, Science and Art courses.

Teacher Live Chat Times

Teachers have live office hours on Skype/Facetime/WhatsApp or WeChat a minimum of twice a week; students should be sure to take advantage of this one-on-one time. It’s a great opportunity to discuss the course and ask questions about tests and assignments. Online office hours and Skype information for teachers are posted in the announcements area of each course.