Each e-learning course is offered and accessed online. No matter where they are – at home, the library or an Internet café– students can access their courses through any computer with Internet access. Every course has compulsory assignments that are
located on an exclusive website called a Learning Management System. On this same site, there are also discussion boards where students can communicate with their instructor and classmates. Each full credit course is 110 hours and scheduled to take 3 months to complete. Students may set their own pace and study schedule to correspond with personal timelines and needs. Students interested in extending the study period for their course may do so; however, additional tuition fees may apply. Kanata Academy Online teachers manage their online classes in a manner similar to traditional classroom courses and will respond to any student queries within 1 business day. Evaluation assignments are returned to students within 5-7 business days. In addition, each teacher has live online office hours twice per week through Skype, will send a minimum of two
personalized audio/visual lessons per unit and give a combination of audio and written feedback through screencasts. Our teachers can also work in liaison with a student’s regular teacher, tutor and/ or support staff at his or her local school to better ensure student success. Students must achieve the Ministry of Education learning expectations
of a course and complete 110 hours of planned learning activities in order to earn a course credit. Students must complete a unit checklist and success criteria checklist throughout their course which outlines the activities they have completed and their total learning hours. Students must login to the discussion forum for their attendance log and
assignment submission in each course will be done through a shared folder on Google Drive or the LMS. Students’ online activities are logged and tracked in our course learning platform. Students who fail to log into courses for one week will be contacted by their teacher to ensure course attendance is regular.