While Kanata Academy Online endeavours to provide students with everything they will need,there are often times when students have questions for their teachers. Teachers will respond to course questions within 1 business day of receiving an email.

For example, if an email question is received by an eSchool teacher on Tuesday evening – a response will be issued by Wednesday evening. If an email question is received Friday evening, the teacher has until Monday evening to respond.

  1. Daily Communication from Teacher: Students will hear from their teacher daily (5 days a week) by text or email
  2. Course Questions 1 business day
  3. Evaluation Assignments 5-7 business days
  4. Tests 5-7 business days
  5. Booking Final Examinations (Ontario students) 5 business days
  6. Booking Final Examinations (out of province students) 5-8 business days
  7. Issuing of Report Cards 10 business days after the final exam is written

It is important for students to receive feedback from their teacher as they proceed through their course; as such, student assignments should be uploaded as soon as they are completed. Students should not send their teacher large units of work at one time; it will delay the teacher’s ability to provide timely feedback on a student’s progress. Tests, large assignments and Independent Study Units may take up to 7 business days to mark and return.