Respect is the basic principle by which we operate. Students, parents and guardians must conduct communications with Kanata Academy Online staff and each other in a respectful manner; in return students shall receive respect from all members of the school, both academic and non-academic.

Kanata Academy Online is a place of learning and as such, there must be an atmosphere based on mutual respect, concern and a desire to get the best education possible. Students are expected to be courteous and to respect the personal rights and feelings of others.

The focus on ensuring a caring and safe school culture is based on the belief that all students deserve a learning environment in which they are safe – and feel safe – and in which they feel welcomed, respected, and inspired to meet high expectations for learning.

This belief informs the guiding principles on caring and safe schools .

The principles are as follows:

  • Safety is a precondition for learning;
  • Every student is entitled to learn to the best of his or her ability;
  • Every student is entitled to a safe and caring learning environment;
  • Every student is entitled to learn in an environment free from harassment and violence;

As part of this commitment, our school has a zero tolerance policy on harassment, intimidation, threatening behaviours (verbal or otherwise) and/or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school. Profanity, harassment or aggressive behaviours are not acceptable and may result in student suspension or expulsion. The Kanata Academy Online Code of Conduct helps students fully develop as responsible contributing members to their online learning environment.