Kanata Academy Online understands that students sometimes need to take time off from their course to deal with personal matters. To assist students in such a situation, students are offered the option to put their course on hold. This allows students to take time away from their studies without losing any allotted earning time in their course. When a course is put on hold, students will be temporarily removed from their class on the Learning Management System without academic penalty.

Example: A student who enrols in a three month course and puts it on hold after one month of study, would have two months of learning time remaining when he or she return to his or her course. The student would then continue
where he or she had left off in his or her studies. This feature benefits:
• Amateur athletes attending training camps
• Students with a medical concern who may require significant absence from
their course
• Students travelling or relocating (i.e. military families)
• Students dealing with a personal or family crisis

All students must complete their course within one year of their original course start date. This means that all assignments, tests, discussion postings, projects and final exams must be completed prior to the one year anniversary of the course start date. It is the responsibility of students who put a course on hold to ensure that they reactivate their course at such a time as to allow them to complete all course requirements, including the final exam, before their course reaches the one year mark. An administration fee will apply at the time of course reactivation.